Course Information

Preliminary Course – 1 Day

The single day course covers the basic theory necessary to understand canopy flight improve the students skills.
This day consists of SFS course safety, basic aerodynamics and an introduction to a safe and effective landing profile. The student then makes a videoed evaluation jump. The second group of ground school modules cover flight planning and basic accuracy, canopy discipline, equipment and the landing sequence. The student then makes the second jump of the course.

Preliminary Course – 3 Days

After completion of the first day as above, the 3 day course consists of around 20 basic exercises, that the student is asked to perform under their canopy. During the course the student will perform each exercise at least once so each is understood. Further ground school modules are completed, covering canopy dive flows, logging of the information collected, and choosing a canopy. The student is also introduced to the further 8 more technical, but essential, in air exercises.

Advanced Course – 3 Days

The advanced course consists of introducing the student to getting more performance from the canopy, flying consistently through gates or a lane and an introduction to Canopy Piloting Competitions. Students must either have over 1500 jumps or already have completed a 3 day SFS Preliminary Course as a minimum, or another recognised canopy school program.

Competition Course – 3 Days

The Competition Course consists of an introduction to flying in competition with specific techniques for flying Speed, Distance and Zone Accuracy. The course also introduces some Freestyle techniques.

One to One Coaching

The Safe Flight School also offers one to one coaching on a daily basis. Please email your requirements