Welcome to the Safe Flight School, Empuriabrava S.L.

Canopy Piloting Courses throughout the year for all experience levels…

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The Safe Flight School, Empuriabrava offers a variety of canopy courses to suit all levels of experience from AFF graduation through to experienced and competition jumpers with thousands of jumps. The courses are modular and designed to be related to your experience level.

The aim of the Safe Flight School is to improve the skill and safety of your canopy handling so you can make best use of your canopy to land safely on every jump. Canopy Safety and Canopy Skills are aspects of the same ability – the ability to control the descent and flare of your canopy in every situation.

The Safe Flight School aims to help you improve your skills by increasing your awareness of the range of factors that affect your landings – your own capabilities, the characteristics of your canopy, and the atmospheric conditions.

The student has a choice of a general course, advanced course, competition course and one to one training.

The school is based at Skydive Empuriabrava (www.skydiveempuriabrava.com), Spain. The most established dropzone in Europe is within 40 minutes of Girona Airport and offers some of the best facilities found in the sport, all within a holiday location.

We now offer a course that follows the FAA guidelines on the safe use of drones, which also takes into account new legislation. This course is completely free of charge and has been offered to our customers by deutscheonlinecasino.de who have paid for all of the course material.